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roll on – 10ml                         

Well-being & aromatherapy gift.


Choose your roll-on according to the chosen therapeutic effects.

You can then make your own homemade mixture, and thus enjoy the benefits of oils and natural stones.


Spirit – Améthyst – Spiritual elevation, protection & balance.

Protection – Tiger eye – It acts like a mirror & reflects the flaws & changes to be made, it brings clarity, empowerment & protection by rejecting negative energies.

Intuition - Fluorite - Cleaning, absorbs stress & negativity, brings self-confidence, psychic protection.

Passion - Red Jasper - rooting energy, brings the strength to act towards new opportunities.

Méditation – Lapiz Lazuli – stone of wisdom and universal truth.

Focus – Sodalite – spirituality and intuition. Creates harmony of mind during difficult times.

Love - Pink Quartz - unconditional love stone, promotes empathy and compassion.

Energie - White Crystal - amplifies all energy & intention.

Volcano - Obsidian - Stone of protection, acts against blockages, traumas, shocks & fears.

Harmony – Aventurine – Balances energies.

Oils not supplied. Follow the preparation advice for a roll-on with natural benefits and adapted to your desires.

Apply to wrists or chakras as needed.
In case of pregnancy, breastfeeding or medical care, consult a doctor.
Keep out of the reach of children.
For external use only.
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roll huiles essentielles & pierres semi-précieuses, pour aromathérapie & gemmothérapie

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Dimensions 1.8 × 8.5 cm
Roll On

Energie ( Crystal de roche ), Protection ( Oeil de tigre ), Spirit ( Améthyste ), Harmonie ( Aventurine ), Méditation ( Lapiz Lazuli ), Volcano ( Obsidienne ), Love ( Quartz rose ), Passion ( Jaspe rouge), Intuition ( Fluorine), Focus (Sodalite )