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Pulse oximeter


The essential item to have at home, for sportive people or for any simple routine checks of your health

It calculates in a few seconds your heartbeat as well as the oxygen saturation in your blood.

Just turn it on, put it on your fingertip and you're done!

Results appear in an instant ...

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Oximetry is a painless & non-invasive test, allowing us to measure our level

of oxygen saturation in blood. It quickly analyzes the efficiency at which

oxygen is delivered to parts of the body ( far from heart ) such as the fingers.

Oxygen saturation should generally be greater than 95%.


However, it varies from person to person. If you have respiratory disease

or a heart disease you will have less than 95% oxygen saturation. 


The pulse oximeter is a small pliers that we place on a finger, the screen will display

two statistics: the pulse rate (the heartbeat by

minute) and the oxygen saturation in the blood.

The result obtained might be distorted if the sensor is incorrectly positioned, if you

have high blood pressure, anemia, hypothermia, if the oximeter is too small for your

finger or if you move during the analysis ... 


Your pulse oximeter should not replace a doctor's check. It simply allows

monitoring your oxygenation (and detecting a possible drop in oxygen). In

case of symptoms (shortness of breath, difficulty in breathing, etc.) you must request a

medical advice even if your oximeter shows that all is well.

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Weight 50 g
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 4 cm